Printed material such as business cards, company letterheads, envelopes, or brochures are often used by companies. Brands can choose simple printing techniques while designing these items, but they will appear very basic. If you want to add a touch of luxury to the printed material you use in your company, embossing is one of the most premium finishing printing techniques. Embossing is a process where lettering or imaging is raised above the paper’s surface. Embossed print gives a unique texture and looks visually impressive. A three-dimensional look and feel is added with an embossing technique that takes your print’s beauty to another level. The embossed texture is applied to the text or image you wish to highlight.

We provide high-quality embossed print services in Dubai to add elegance to your printed items. Embossing involves using metal dies that are heated, and then the paper is pressed between them, creating a raised image. Embossing without using any ink is called blind embossing. However, embossing is often combined with another printing technique of, foil stamping, which gives an exquisite-looking result.

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