Invitation Cards

The first step to begin any celebration is planning the invitations. Invitation cards are a key element to any occasion. That’s why finding the right digital printing company is essential. At Brandster Print, we proudly classify ourselves as one of Dubai’s most trusted bespoke and personalized invitation printing companies. We derive inspiration from our appreciation of the rich and diverse tastes unique to each event, culture, and tradition, gaining insight from fashion, art, and architecture. Our team works collaboratively to create and design these cards keeping in mind your vision and ideas and presenting you with quality output.

From elegantly embossed invites to colorful and classy formal invites, we have the experience and expertise to print invites for all occasions. These include official functions, social gatherings, and personal celebrations. We also print invites for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc. Get customized invites at an affordable price by contacting us today.

Invite Finishing Options


Die Cut

This method involves using a machine to mass-produce cut-out shapes. Given that it eliminates the need to use any other cutting tools, it saves time and ensures quality finish each time.


This method entails creating a three-dimensional raised design on paper or card stock. Heat and pressure are applied via metal die plates to accomplish this.
hot foil

Hot Foiling

This process entails permanently transferring foil onto the surface of a card using heat and pressure. The final finish has an indentation effect that gives it a tactile feel.

Our Invitation Card Solutions




Baby Shower




Corporate Events

Factors to Keep in Mind When Printing Invites

The importance of a well-designed and crafted wedding card cannot be overstated. It encourages the receivers to remember the event and is certain to create a lasting impression. Before moving on with the design and printing of an invite, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few of the most important things to think about:


When creating a card, size is a crucial factor to consider. Customers usually choose from a variety of classic sizes. Others may choose an unusual size that will make an impression on the recipient. Avoid using a size that is excessively large; keeping it simple is key. This, however, will depend on the occasion.


Various designs may appeal to different people, and color choices are subjective. Most wedding cards, for instance, employ rich colors like red, yellow, and gold to convey a positive message — customers who love contrasting combinations, such as black on white, may be among them.

Font Size

Font selection is yet another significant thing to think about. There is a large selection of fonts to pick from, which might be overwhelming. Keep in mind that some fonts are more functional than others and should be used only for business correspondence.