Tips on Customizing Your Corporate Stationery

It’s 2021, and we no more are in the era where a board outside your office would be enough for your company’s image or its representation as an organization as a whole. A company is recognized and feels legitimate when a setting speaks and reeks of the brand. Imagine walking in an office, and there’s absolutely nothing that signifies the company’s uniformity or its brand. Working under one roof, the internal staff needs to feel uniformity and belonging to the same brand family. At the same time, your clients see it as an official, legitimate, valued and well-founded organization. These items include printed materials with your company’s logo, slogan, or brand colours like letterhead, envelopes, compliment slips, invoices, business cards, shipping labels, brochures, calendars, presentation folders, etc.

Following are the tips for you to use when customizing your corporate stationery either for your internal staff and everyday use or for your corporate promotional gifts.

Be Unique

It would help if you had an impressive brand to stand out in a cutthroat market. Make sure your clients know what separates you from your competition. Create a logo that’s not just eye-catching but one that represents your business aptly. Be aware of your competitors’ logos and ensure yours is easily identifiable. Turning heads and building your reputation with your logo is vital.

Don’t Be Vague

Keep your corporate stationery consistent, clear, and coherent. Your font, colours, and tagline should convey your message to your readers clearly. Ensure you put your best foot forward by creating marketing materials and business materials that are easy to understand by your possible targeted market.

Focus on Details

Brands need substance. As they say, the beauty is in the details. Your customized stationery doesn’t have to be over the top; it has to reflect the company’s key nature and characteristics. You can implement watercolor marks, brushstrokes, gold leafing, cuts, fonts, colours, designs etc.; Focus on the details. Details speak volumes.

A Visual Voice

Is there a pattern to your branding? You can create geometric shapes, florals, abstracts, or watercolors. You can easily customize the cards by adding your brand’s pattern. It will have a pattern on the back and the front room for a message. Whenever you send a full pattern, the recipient will surely like it. Any design is a visual voice of your company, and it has to be heard just right.

Be Creative, Be You

The most important question to ask yourself is the three key characteristics you want your brand to represent before designing customized stationery for your company. You can be Simple- Quirky- Fun, Class- stature- Experience, Royal- Present age- Elegant etc. Workaround three key elements that represent or defines your brand aptly. This helps to establish your brand’s uniqueness and individuality. Once you have your theme, include it in all your printed materials. Once you’ve locked your style or printing stationery, choose a company that does the book or pen printing Dubai and get your customized stationery.

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