Privacy Policy

The owner and operator of this website, Brandster – a digital printing company in Dubai, strives to ensure users’ privacy. Brandster will be further mentioned as ‘we’, ‘us’, and ‘our’. The usage of this website by any user, further referred by the terms ‘you, ‘your’, and ‘the user’, will be deemed as an indirect consent and agreement to the points mentioned in this section. By using our website, you give us consensual right to collect and use your personal information provided by you.

User Data Collection and Usage

For providing a customized and personalized view of our digital printing service website, we may collect user information in various forms consensually. The data collected will mainly be based on the data provided by the user while using the Brandster website. The data collection is completely voluntary, and the user can choose not to disclose any information or not use this website. All the user data will be used to provide better results on the website and process their service requests made through the website easily. It will also be used to provide updates and marketing information about our products and services of your interest.

Cookie Policy

While using this website, you will be notified about our cookie policy that states that we use cookies better to understand our user browsing and website preferences. Our website uses cookies, which are data characters placed into the user’s browser application folder on their device through the main web server. These cookies will be used to identify revisiting users and to understand their preferences and behaviour through information such as date and time of website usage, user location, IP address, browser type and more.

Type of Information

The data type collected by us through the website is based on the site section a user wants to access. For general viewing of the common web pages, the user will not need to provide any information. However, to access specific product information or request quotations, the user will have to provide basic personal details such as mailing address, name, and contact details. In order to place an order for our products or any service, the user will need to provide their financial information that will be processed through a secured pathway for making the necessary payments.

Data Storage and Security

Brandster has a highly secured and reliable system to protect and safeguard the user information collected through the website. Our website data security system is dedicated to prevent any data loss, unauthorized use or misuse of the data. We ensure complete safety and confidentiality of the user data to avoid any issues to the user of this website. However, as the site may include third-party links, the users must be well-informed that we don’t guarantee user data security on third-party websites and external links present on this website.