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Menu Design Ideas

Match the Theme

Themed menu cards are ideal for restaurants that follow a theme. It will give customers a clear picture of what the restaurant is about.


You might create a menu based on your restaurant's cuisine. For example, Amazonia, an American Latin restaurant in Dubai, has a menu that highlights the traditional patterns found in a forest.


If you have a café by a beach, you may highlight the main meals or the day's special on a restaurant menu board (or even a chalkboard) to make it exciting. Chalkboard menus can be updated at any moment of the day, with special offers, discounts, and other information.

Eye-Catching Images

Captivating illustrations are yet another option for your menu card. That being said, make sure you avoid loading the menu with imagery and just have enough to give it an appealing look.

Word Play

Having a memorable one-liner at the start of your menu is a great way to people's attention. Another technique to use in your restaurant menu card is to give your items clever names. However, make sure you describe what it is; otherwise, your wit will be wasted.